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Re: Failied to access the CVS repository

Subject: Re: Failied to access the CVS repository
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 12:37:00 -0800
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Larry Jones wrote:

$ cvs log file1
can't create temporary directory /tmp/root/cvs-serv4896
Permission denied

You don't have permission to create subdirectories in /tmp/root (on the
server), which is apparently where you have the server's temp directory
set to:


Thanks for your reply Larry. You are correct about the problem. I found I can access the CVS repository locally(on the same server) OK. But run cvs command remotely still not working. I am not sure where the /tmp/root set set. It use to be just create the temp files on /tmp. From the link you provided, I am still not sure how to set the temp dir so the client cvs will use this setting. I feel somehow the system sets the temp dir to /tmp/root. Here is ar paragraph from the CVS manual about $TMPDIR: "Directory in which temporary files are located. The CVS server uses TMPDIR. See section Global options, for a description of how to specify this. Some parts of CVS will always use `/tmp' (via the tmpnam function provided by the system)."

I tried to set TMPDIR, but it only applies to client not the server. Not sure where in the CVS uses '/tmp', I think maybe this is messed up to become '/tmp/root'. Anyidea as how to fix this problem?


-Larry Jones

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