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corrupted RCS-files with x0

From: Claudia Peter
Subject: corrupted RCS-files with x0
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 09:15:52 +0100
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we moved our cvs-server from solaris to linux and since then we got corrupted RCS-files. The symptoms are always the same: in the *,v-file are after the "desc @@" are a lot of x0 (the number of x0 changes). The head and the part after the x0 seems to be okay. Neither the client nor the server logs any error. The files get corrupted when checking out or tagging.

We searched in the community and eliminated the following:
- the repositories are located on a local raid-system, not via nfs
- the cvs-server runs as pserver
- the clients use all the same eclipse-version per repository (the same WSAD-version)
- the local workspaces are local, not on shares

The versions are
- SuSE Linux 9.1 (Kernel 2.6.4-52)
- cvs 1.11.6  (newer versions are not compatible with WSAD 5.0.2)

We use reiserfs. Is there any known problem with reiserfs?

Any hint will be helpfull

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