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Re: "cvs release" does not update the CVS/Entries(.log) file

From: david . andersson
Subject: Re: "cvs release" does not update the CVS/Entries(.log) file
Date: 15 Mar 2005 13:39:26 -0800
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Larry Jones writes:
> Reinstein, Shlomo writes:
> >
> > I would like to use "cvs release" to get rid of a sub-tree of my
> > However, I noticed that "cvs release" does not update the
"CVS/Entries" (or
> > "CVS/Entries.log") file, which causes a problem later when I want
to run
> > other commands, like "cvs status", "cvs tag", etc.
> Indeed, that's a long-standing bug that's unfortunately difficult to
> fix.  The workaround is to just delete the directory from CVS/Entries
> hand.

If the sub-dir was deleted using "cvs remove <sub-dir>" then issuing
the command "cvs update -d -P <sub-dir>" will remove the sub-dir entry
from the "CVS/Entries" file.

If there exists files in the sub-dir in the repository but you simply
don't want the sub-dir in your working dir, then try referring a time
when the sub-dir didn't exist. In general 1980 almost nothing existed:
"cvs update -d -P -D 1980-01-01 <sub-dir>".

(Either way, it doesn't matter if you earlier have removed the sub-dir
using "cvs release" or "rm -r", or not.)

(The -P will remove the sub-dir in your working dir, if it exists and
becomes empty. It will not be removed if it contains changed or unknown
files. In that case be ware of sticky date if -D was used.)

(Tested in CVS version 1.10 and 1.11. Found out by trial and error so I
don't know if there is a better way.)

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