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rolling back and importing

From: Justin
Subject: rolling back and importing
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 04:30:06 GMT
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Disclaimer: Unfortunately I come from a Visual Source Safe world, so please forgive my stupid questions:

1. Recently a developer submitted some bad code to the CVS server. I asked my local cvs contact how I could rollback the changes the dev made. I was informed that it would be difficult because there wasn't a recent tagged version. I found this perplexing, as this is pretty easy to do in Source Safe. There must be a way in CVS?

2. I have two versions of our source code I want to import into cvs. I would like to import the first version, then tag it and import the second. But I don't want to tag the second because it's not ready yet. How can I import the new code into the same trunk as the tagged version? Import the second as a different tag, then delete that tag? After all, Import will sync with the trunk, as well as create the tag right?

Thanks for helping out a newbie.

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