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RE: rolling back and importing

From: Matt Doar
Subject: RE: rolling back and importing
Date: Wed, 16 Mar 2005 09:32:37 -0800

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> 1. Recently a developer submitted some bad code to the CVS server. I 
> asked my local cvs contact how I could rollback the changes the dev 
> made. I was informed that it would be difficult because there 
> wasn't a 
> recent tagged version. I found this perplexing, as this is 
> pretty easy 
> to do in Source Safe. There must be a way in CVS?

Yes, there is. The basic way is to use cvs log to find the version of
the file (foo) before the erroneous commit (1.n), then check it out over
the local copy with:

cvs update -p -r 1.n foo > foo

and then cvs diff and commit as usual. There is a more elegant way of
doing it with update -j too. The difficulty comes when the commit was
over dozens of files. Then you need to find the version number for each
file that was affected. I do this using to generate a
changelog and then munge the output into rollback scripts that any user
can run. The changelog will tell you which files all changed together,
and the commit comment should identify the change.

> 2. I have two versions of our source code I want to import 
> into cvs. I 
> would like to import the first version, then tag it and import the 
> second. But I don't want to tag the second because it's not 
> ready yet. 
> How can I import the new code into the same trunk as the 
> tagged version? 
> Import the second as a different tag, then delete that tag? 
> After all, 
> Import will sync with the trunk, as well as create the tag right?
> Thanks for helping out a newbie.
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