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"cvs -n up" request to remove '?' entries

From: Paul vL
Subject: "cvs -n up" request to remove '?' entries
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 00:09:18 +0800

Hello all,

I'm a happy cvs user for many years. One of the more annoying things however is 
the behaviour of
cvs -n up for large working directories; I use a global -q option to trim down 
output, but
still get an enormous list (200+) of '?' before I get my one or two 'M' entries.
Using -Q will make things worse: now ONLY the '?' lines appear, and the 'M' 
entries DISAPPEAR!

I would really like an option to just have the line carrying information about 
updates and locally
modified files, i.e. an option to remove all the '?' entries.

(btw on Windows my grep behaves quite awkward regarding using '?', therefore 
that is currently not an option.)

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