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verifymsg and branches

From: Matt Doar
Subject: verifymsg and branches
Date: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 12:03:49 -0800

I understand how verifymsg can be used to check the text in a commit
message. The problems is that I'd like to have different checks for
different branches, and there is no "branch name" variable that I can
see to pass into a script called from verifymsg. 

So I went to see how scripts such as cvs_acls and activitymail get their
branch information. cvs_acls seems to parse each directory's CVS/Entries
file on the client, and activitymail seems to get it from the stdin for
commitinfo. But I can't pass the %l variable (the name of the file
containing the commit message) to anything but verifymsg and editinfo,
and I can't pass the same stdin to verifymsg.

Any suggestions? 


p.s. I suppose a two step process of checking the message and recording
the results for all possible branches somewhere, and then modifying
cvs_acls to check for an acceptable message once the branch is known
might work. Bit hokey though.

Environment: cvs server 1.12.9, older clients and SmartCVS 4.0

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