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Has anyone ever seen this?

From: Lynch, Harold
Subject: Has anyone ever seen this?
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 16:44:09 -0500

This starting about 3 weeks ago (this server has been running for over two years).

This is a pserver configuration on a dell rack mount two processor machine, currently
running redhat 8. It has 12gigs of ram. Was using cvs.1.11.15 but just upgraded today to cvs.1.11.19.

The problem I saw at first looked like an "orphaned" process. One of those where the client
went away in a not nice way and left two processes running on the server. I've seen it infrequently
before, so (as root) I did a kill -9 on the two processes and went to remove the /tmp/cvs-servXXXX directory.
Well my rm -rf on the directory hung. I then checked and one of the two processes was still in memory.
And kill -9 from root would not get rid of it. The only thing that cleared this whole thing was a reboot of the

When it happended the second time the file that the process had locked was in the repository, so that other
user/cvs processes piled up behind it and ended up running the machine dry of memory.

It just happened again last night.

The question is has anybody seen behavior like this before and if so what kind of clues can I look for?
This should like the file being locked in a kernal process and not being let go?

Any suggestions are welcome.

(ps - There is a new server coming thorough the pipeline and a license for SLES9 (2.6 kernel). But I'm a little
worried of the problem following from the old machine to the new one).

Harold Lynch

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