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Re: cvs editors funny

From: Colm Aengus Murphy
Subject: Re: cvs editors funny
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 09:24:35 +0100
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Hi Jim,

The current cvs edit command stores the users name and workspace location in the fileattr file. I'm guessing that when you unedit or checkin it it only matching the users name and not the workspace location. How difficult would it be to check the users name and workspace location and only remove the edit if it matches ?

We do find that old edits hang around when uses forget to use unedit and just remove the workspace. This isn't a major pain as you can just edit the fileattr to remove the unused edits.


Colm A

Jim.Hyslop wrote:
Paul Sander wrote:

You don't have to store the actual locations in the repository. (Doing so is pointless anyway given that mount points can appear and disappear non-deterministically.) Just store an identifier there,


Thank you for corroborating how difficult this would be to accomplish :-)

To summarize:
- you have to come up with a way of uniquely identifying each and every
unique checkout. This includes scenarios such as:
cvs co projname
cd projname
cvs edit filename
cd ..
rm -rf projname
cvs co projname

Two distinct checkouts, into the same location.

- You have to manage these unique IDs, and maintain the correlation between
the ID and the local directory
- You have to come up with an administrative interface to manage manually
removing edits to handle corner cases like the one above (or even the case
above, without the second 'cvs co' command)

I didn't say it couldn't be done, but I did hint that it would be a
complicated job. To implement this feature would take a lot of thought and
planning. A lot more than a simple patch to correct the "editors disappear
on a checkout" bug that Darren fixed.

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