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From: felix
Subject: branching/tagging/confusing
Date: 29 Mar 2005 14:35:53 +0200
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I currently try to create an easy procedure, which helps our administration 
to update their systems. We have a staging and a live system. Our main-
trunk is locked, the stagingsystem contains the staging-branch and the 
live-system contains the most recent tested and validated version. 
Currently I check the differences between the main-trunk and the staging-
branch (developers commit only to that branch) and update those files. I 
wrote a small script to help me with that, but after a couple of weeks I 
mentioned that my releases keep growing in size... My problem is that I 
only use that one staging-branch which gets all those changes and I merge 
and commit those changes all over again (and my script checks for files 
that have been updated, where those old files also belong to). Currently I 
get a little bit confused about branching/tagging aso :)...

How should I change the way ppl work with my repository/change tagging/do 
anything to get the scenario I'd like to have (run a script that collects 
the information changed/new/deleted files on some cvs-output between a 
development branch (if possible I'd like to keep one tag and get the 
versionnumbers updated too) and the maintrunk)?

thx for any piece of help :)

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