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RE: Checkout's over checkouts.

From: Jim.Hyslop
Subject: RE: Checkout's over checkouts.
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 09:39:15 -0500

I wrote:
> Euan Guttridge wrote:
> > I want to check out a branch, then subsequent tagged files on 
> > top of that
> > branch. I do not want to -j merge the subsequent tagged 
> files into the
> > branch but do a wholesale replacement. What is the best 
> method please?
> Actually, a -j would do the job:
> cvs update -A
> [make sure there are no uncommitted files that may cause conflicts]
> cvs update -jbranch-tag -jHEAD
> cvs commit
I just realized - I was going the wrong way. You wanted to replace the
branch with the trunk. The commands would then be:

cvs update -rbranch-tag
cvs update -jHEAD -jbranch-tag
cvs commit

On the other hand, it would probably just be easier to abandon 'branch-tag'
and create a new tag:

cvs rtag -b branch2

Jim Hyslop
Senior Software Designer
Leitch Technology International Inc. ( )
Columnist, C/C++ Users Journal ( )

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