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Reg: Basic CVS commands

From: Balaji D
Subject: Reg: Basic CVS commands
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 19:13:22 +0530

Hello All,

I am a technical writer and I am asked to version control my documents
and also take care of release activities.

I am going through the documentation set from CVS, but still expect a
few pointers.

The procedures/tasks that I am held responsible are:

1. Maintain separate CVS area for software (software hierarchy) and
documentation (doc hierarchy)

2.At the time of every release, every team will give all of these
files in a directory.   I need to write a script "import" to  check
these files in the CVS area with release number as the tag.

3. I need to write a script "build"  that will compile files as
needed, check-in the outputs with the same tag.

4. I need to write a script "release" that will then check out read
only, files with specific tag and locate them in the release area.

Now MY queries:
Please correct me if I am wrong.

1. I am using cvs import software <tag> from the respective
respositories -software,documentation. Here software team is using a
JAVA cvs, but I am using commandline cvs--Will there be any conflict,
because I need to maintain their tags while importing.

2.I check out these imported files and assign tags to them using
cvs tag release_1_0_1 software

3.Once I assign the tag, I will check out these files to the release
area using cvs checkout.

Please clarify me.

Also, if some one has come across similar build process, please guide
me with a better process.


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