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RE: Checkout's over checkouts.

From: Euan Guttridge
Subject: RE: Checkout's over checkouts.
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 16:51:39 +0100

Hi Jim

I will use the consolidated tag to replace HEAD
( cvs up -r HEAD -j HEAD -j consolidated-tag module )


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From: Jim.Hyslop [mailto:address@hidden
Sent: 30 March 2005 16:28
To: 'Euan Guttridge'; address@hidden
Subject: RE: Checkout's over checkouts.

Euan Guttridge wrote:
> The best I can think of using CVS is to combine branch + tag1 as tagA,
> combine tagA with tag2 as tagB, combine tagB with tag3 as tagC etc..
Sorry, one question I forgot to ask - once you have this consolidated tag,
what will you do with it? Will you be doing further development on that
branch, or is your sole objective to apply a consolidated tag to different

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