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Kerberos authentication

From: Nádaski Dávid
Subject: Kerberos authentication
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:13:43 +0200

I've installed cvs, it is working fine, but I'm having problems configuring the Kerberos authentication through gssapi.
(I believe) I've successfully compiled CVS with encryption and gssapi support, krb5 and installed a master KDC with several principals, including cvs/<myhostname>.
The problem is, when I try to connect from the server computer to its repository via gserver, I get two types of  errors that say:
1) cvs [init aborted]: received broken pipe signal
2) cvs [init aborted]: error from server cvs [pserver aborted]: could not acquire GSSAPI server credentials
I've done a "kinit cvs/" before issuing the init command (or any other commands, for that matter), and klist tells me that a valid ticket exists, just like it should...
Any ideas what could be wrong?
Thanks in advance,

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