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From: Mark Lancisi
Subject: Question
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 14:38:36 -0500

We have an offsite lab that currently pulls test suites from our cvs repository 
at our home office while running tests.. Problem is, the test suites in cvs are 
huge and will sometimes take hours to checkout over the dedicated pipe (vs a 
couple minutes when checked out at the home office).

In order to speed things up, I'd like to set up a cvs  read only mirror copy of 
the repository  at the offsite that stays up to date automatically with the 
master repository. That way the offsite lab can checkout test suites without 
having to go through the pipe. 

My question is, does cvs support the notion of  a read only mirror repo? 

Thanks in advance for any info.

Mark Lancisi

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