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Re: Problem with LDAP

From: Yves Dorfsman
Subject: Re: Problem with LDAP
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2005 14:27:18 -0600 (MDT)
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>>>>CVS with pserver running on a Solaris 9 using NIS. The OS has been
>>>>switched to LDAP, and now cvs won't authenticate anybody...
>>>What version of cvs are you using? PAM support was only added in
>>>the 1.12 branch...

> Not that I'm aware of, no. LDAP authentication was the reason why I
> first patched PAM support into my local copy...

Just so that we are clear: I am not trying to authenticate cvs users with
ldap directly. Solaris is using ldap to authenticate, and I want cvs to
still trust UNIX (Solaris) as far as authentication goes. I haven't
checked the cvs source yet, but I am assuming cvs doesn't look for the
password in /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow etc... but rather use a library call
to the OS - I expect that the OS compare the password with whichever
source it gets it from (files, NIS, ldap etc...).

When you say you went to 1.12 for PAM support, was that because you needed
a more granular control over who can use CVS, or you were in the same
situation I am right now (the OS using ldap for auth) ?

Yves Dorfsman                                             address@hidden

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