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postwrite proxy server setup

From: william_lei
Subject: postwrite proxy server setup
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 11:15:09 +0800

      I am trying to enable write proxy functionality by using
CVS-1.12-11.But I have problem because primary servers will not
automatically push changes to secondary server although I has set
loginfo,postadmin,postwatch etc. scripts according to user manual,I have
added "ALL rsync -gopr -essh ./ &" and "ALL rsync
-gopr ./ &" into those files.
      If I used ssh to commit some change to primary server,ssh tell me
permission denied,But I am using "ext" connection method(I don't know if I
can choose another connection method like pserver).
      If I used rsh to commit changes directly to secondary
server/cvsroot,then those change could be submitted into primary server by
write through method,such as I have modified "history.txt,v" from version
1.1 to 1.2. later when I checked the same file in secondary server, I
didn't find any change for "history.txt,v", instead I found a new file
"history.txt" was located at secondary repository there which already
contain latest change in this file.
      Thanks in advance

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