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CVS diff statistics generation?

From: Chris Lewis
Subject: CVS diff statistics generation?
Date: 5 Apr 2005 21:24:09 -0700
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Hello everyone,
It's been a while since I have consulted the massive technical brain of
Usenet, please forgive me if I make a netiquette blunder!

As part of an evaluation I am undertaking, it is necessary for me to
analyse the entire diff output generated by a CVS repository. I wish to
look at statistics such as who is responsible for the percentage of
changes to a file, to see what roles people have played in development
of the project; whether they are specialising on one file, one module,
or working more broadly.

I'd also like some more advanced features, like how many lines people
are adding, so I can try and see who was bug fixing and who was
actually adding new content and such. One step at a time, however!

My Googling for any sort of solution has been less than fruitless, the
closest I found was 'diffstat'. I don't believe I am the first to have
wanted to do this, and I don't believe I'm the only one that would
release any programs or scripts I write to extract the data. Does
anyone know of anything that could be helpful to me? Whatever platform
the program is on, I'll find a way to run it!

Otherwise, I guess it's time to open the Camel Book again and brush up
on my regular expressions!

Thanks every so much for any help guys,
Chris Lewis

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