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CVS+GSSAPI(gserver) problem

From: Satya Prasad D.V
Subject: CVS+GSSAPI(gserver) problem
Date: Thu, 07 Apr 2005 17:46:36 +0530


I am trying to configure CVS 1.11.14 server on Fedora Core 3 with GSSAPI authentication. The kerberos and CVS configuration is successful and I am able to checkout and checkin code using the kerberos tickets for auth.

However, I noticed that unlike pserver mechanism, this connection method requires a local user id for the authenticated user and also modifies the ownership of the committed files to the userid and groupid of the mapped local user.

I went through the manual but could not find any reference to this scenario. Please help me to configure this connection without need for local user and to have mapped dummy user like the pserver method.

Satya Prasad

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