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A question about tags and dates

From: Lynch, Harold
Subject: A question about tags and dates
Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 16:48:49 -0400

I think that this has been covered before, but I havn't been able to dig a definitive answer out of
the docs or the FAQ so please bear with me.

1) Is it possible to tag a branch by date/time?
        (i.e will this put a tag SOMETAG on BRANCH_ONE as it was on 12 noon EST on March 10 2005 in the module MYMODULE)

        cvs -q rtag -r BRANCH_ONE -D "2005-03-10 12:00 EST"  SOMETAG MYMODULE

2) Is it possible to pull a branch by date/time or are the two "sticky tags mutually exclusive?
        (i.e will this pull the branch as it was on 12 noon on March 10 2005)
        cvs -q checkout -r BRANCH_ONE -D "2005-03-10 12:00 EST" MYMODULE

Thank you for your patience.

Harold Lynch

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