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newbie question: issues with gserver method

From: Satya Prasad D.V
Subject: newbie question: issues with gserver method
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 11:25:09 +0530


I have configured CVS with gssapi and am using gserver connection method to access the server. I have an empty passwd file in CVSROOT and set systemauth=no in config file to ensure kerberos auth is used.

I am able to connect to server with kerberos tickets and check out and checkin code. However I see two issues vis-a-vis pserver approach.

1. the server requires a local user id with same id as the kerberos authenticated user. 2. The file owner ships for committed files are changed to that of the local mapped user.

In pserver, we had a system-user specification to map several users to one system user. Is the same possible, with gserver also? If not, how can I ensure multiple users can modify same file without issues? I am using a Fedora Core3 server.

I am worried the permission changes might affect, as several users keep changing files on my repository continuously.

Satya Prasad

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