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Re: Seeing all changes between 2 tagged versions?

From: Koen
Subject: Re: Seeing all changes between 2 tagged versions?
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 16:04:16 +0200

Maarten de Boer <address@hidden> wrote:

> Hi Koen,
>> could someone please tell me if there is way to see all changes
>> between 2 tagged versions of a code base? Could be useful to
>> double-check an application version history...
> I assume you mean something more complex than a simple cvs diff, with
> the -r option. Could you explain a bit more what you mean by "all
> changes"?

Hallo Maarten, alles goed in Barcelona?

What I mean is this:
1. you make a software release based on some state of your codebase
2. normally, you tag your codebase when you do that, for later reference or
for when a bug fix needs to be done later (you can then still branch at that
tag point) (say TAG_MyApp_1.0)
3. you continue to work on your codebase
4. normally, you gather a list of all the important changes to your
application in a change log, viewable by your users
5. you make a new release, usually including some bug fixes and/or some new
6. you tag the codebase with a new tag (say TAG_MyApp_1.1)
7. go to step 3

Now, I'd like to know if CVS can help me in verifying step 4, by listing for
me all the changes to my codebase between TAG_MyApp_1.0 and TAG_MyApp_1.1.
Any advice?


Ideally, I would only get the changes to the files that are included somehow
in my application (and not changes to files in the codebase that have
nothing to do with my application), but I realize that CVS has no knowledge
of that, so I guess I'll just need to sift through the listed changes for
the whole code base and look for the ones for which I know they are included
in my application.

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