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Re: cvs init

From: Russ Sherk
Subject: Re: cvs init
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2005 19:52:05 -0400

Hi Andy,

Good to hear you are moving to a versioning system.  Some questions to
clarify what you are trying to do...

On Apr 9, 2005 5:36 PM, Andy Pieters <address@hidden> wrote:
> Greetings fellow coders.
> I am on a production site and am facing the following situation
> product basic release
>  product silver release
>  product gold release
>  new product based on basic release
>   new product based on basic release gold release

Do the levels indicate versions of the product or do they represent
feature sets?  E.g. basic consists of feature a+b, silver is (a+b)+c
and gold is ((a+b)+c)+d)  where a..d are fearutes.

> Changes to the base need to trickle down to all others, but should be like
> gravity, one way!
> I was told CVS is suited for this job and have successfully setup a pserver on
> our LAN
> I need some help here to actually start.  I made a repository
> product-basic-release and tried to branch it into
> product-basic-release-silver

Changes made to product-basic-release will not automatically
propagated to the branch product-basic-release-silver.  You would have
to merge the changes to the branch.

> I think that worked as well but then comes the biggest question.  Where to go
> from here?  I did find tons and tons of information on the net but am
> drawning in it.
> Kind regards
> Andy
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>  php cli binary:

Well I guess it was actually one question and a statement.



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