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Re: tagging an alias module

From: Jean-Pierre Sevigny
Subject: Re: tagging an alias module
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 10:12:19 -0400
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Cool! Very simple!


Doh!  I left out a really important '!'. Sorry. Your module should be:

mymodule -a !Project/Web/Clientx Project/Web

(See section C.1.4 of Cederqvist for a little more info. ;)

Mark E. Hamilton wrote:


Jean-Pierre Sevigny wrote:


I have a module, say "mymodule", defined like this:

mymodule -a Project/Web \
   !Project/Web/Client1 \

Your problem is that your alias module is defined incorrectly. It should be:

mymodule -a Project/Web/Clientx Project/Web

With my test modules set like this:

mod_test1 -a !test1/test2 test1
mod_test2 -a test1 !test1/test2

two test 'cvs rtags' produce the output shown below. Note that the first one does what you want; the second does what tags everything, which isn't what you want.

sahp6613% cvs rtag  test_tag1 mod_test1
cvs rtag: Tagging test1
cvs rtag: Ignoring test1/test2

sahp6613% cvs rtag  test_tag2 mod_test2
cvs rtag: Tagging test1
cvs rtag: Tagging test1/test2
cvs rtag: Tagging test1/test2/rtest
cvs rtag: Tagging test1/test2/rtest/null
cvs rtag: Tagging test1/test2/rtest/null/a

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