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Re: how to undo import

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: how to undo import
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 11:31:55 -0600
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Kevin Rodgers wrote:
I'm trying (for the first time) to track a large 3rd party distribution.
So of course I screwed it up: I unzip'ed the distribution in the working
directory itself and then imported it, which resulted in all the CVS
subdirectories being imported into the repository.  Further, I had
committed a local change to a few files (including some binary files) in
the original distribution, so the import complained about conflicts and
I followed its advice to checkout the original version of the

I want to undo all of that.  I don't want any record of the erroneous
import in the repository.  How?

Should I infer from the complete lack of responses over the last 5 days
that my only option is to delete the distribution directory in the repository itself, and start over with the current version?

Here's exactly what I did:

cd ~/public/3rdParty/java/saxon

unzip /tmp/

Note that the Saxon distribution does not adhere to convention: its
.zip file includes the distribution files and subdirectories at the top
level, not within a ./saxonb8-4 directory.

cvs import -ko -m "Import of Saxon-B 8.4" \
public/3rdParty/java/saxon SOURCEFORGE_DIST SAXON_B_8_4

cvs checkout -jSAXON_B_8_3 -jSAXON_B_8_4 public/3rdParty/java/saxon

Kevin Rodgers

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