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cvs import issues

From: Ryan Lea
Subject: cvs import issues
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 14:13:28 +0100

We have recently upgraded to cvs client/server 1.11.19 from 1.10.8.  We have also moved out cvsroot from one machine to another.
The actual checkouts/updates/add/commits etc all work fine.  However, whenever 'cvs import' is run either remotely with :pserver: ... or locally the import fails and cvs seg faults.
I've checked the mailing archive and cant find anything to date.  Has anyone experienced this before at all or have a patch/workaround/solution??
    CVSROOT=/export/home/cvsroot (I have complete access to this and can create directories using mkdir)
    CVS is sitting on a Solaris machine
    actual command being run is: 'cvs import -m "new version" jasperreports-0.6.5 branch version'
    There is plenty of disk space, memory, virtual memory, ability to open many files etc.

Ryan Lea
Web Developer

n Email: address@hidden
n Tel: 0207 318 9080
n Fax: 0207 318 9099 - the UK's number 1 property website
9 Park Place, St James's, London, SW1A 1LP

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