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moving directories within CVS

From: dzielke
Subject: moving directories within CVS
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 16:20:08 -0400

Greetings -

I'm relatively new to CVS, but not to SCM tools.  I just started working on a project to migrate users out of VSS & PVCS to CVS.  Part of what we are doing is establishing a common structure to better facilitate sharing of common modules (getting each group out of a silo and into a sandbox with others), and I need to do some shuffling in the repository...

I need to physically move a directory within the repository, without losing any delta history.  So far, my process looks like this:

1. Do a "cvs release module_name" of the local workspace.
2. Physically move the directory from the cvs root directory to dir_b (mv $CVSROOT/module_name  $CVSROOT/dir_b/module_name).
3. Modify the modules config file entry from "module_name module_name" to "module_name  dir_b/module_name".
4. Do a "cvs checkout module_name" in the local workspace.

And that process works *fine* so far in my tests.  But I was wondering if there was a way to simplify this process, to be able to move folders behind the scenes so that the developers wouldn't have to do a release and checkout?  Every test I have done so far without first doing a release so far tells me "no".  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.  

I tried doing the same thing as above with the -a option in the modules config file:

"module_name -a dir_b/module_name"

 and I still have to do a release & checkout.  I also got an unexpected surprise when I did the "cvs checkout module_name" in that it put it under dir_b/module_name instead of at the root level of my workspace as it was before. If I wanted it to put the module in the top "project" level as before, should I have had it switched in the modules file:

"dir_b/module_name -a module_name"

If I'm reading the manual right, that's what I did wrong... correct?

Any other suggestions?  I hope this is clear enough, let me know if it isn't...

Don Zielke
American Electric Power
Direct (614) 583-6337
Audinet 8-220-6337
Email address@hidden
KForce Professional Staffing
501 W. Schrock Road Suite 207
Westerville, OH 43081

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