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CVSNT and eclipse cvs cannot connect? (newbie!)

From: Philliph Mau
Subject: CVSNT and eclipse cvs cannot connect? (newbie!)
Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2005 00:37:04 +0200
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I try to set up cvsnt server to windows 2000

cvs -d F:\cvs init

that worked... it generaded some files.

then I imported a project "htdocs" (the apache doc files)

cd F:\htdocs
cvs -d F:\cvs import htdocs tag01 tag02

Then an editor window appered, an I typed in "Initial Status".
I think its okay till here, because I see the file structure in the cvs dir with all the htdoc files.

But now I want to connect from another computer to this repository! How Can I do this with cvsnt ?
I tried too much....

Eclipse CVS want to know:
- Connection Type [ext, extssh,pserver]
- User
- Password
- Host
- Repository Path

I can select between Default Port and a specified Port (I have to enter this)

I can also enter an custom label.

The IP of the PC with the running cvsnt is

I hope you can help me??

thanks a lot,

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