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Re: Cvs and Solaris 10

From: Rahul
Subject: Re: Cvs and Solaris 10
Date: 19 Apr 2005 10:01:44 -0700
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Hi Ryan -

> Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with cvs import on
solaris 10.
> The version of cvs we are using is 1.11.19.

As part of our CVS Replicator testing, we run long stress tests with
imports and other command on various Solaris versions including Solaris
10. Haven't noticed any problem with large imports (size and files -
1GB, 120K files for example) .

The only issue with Sol 10 was configuring the inetd as Sun has changed
the format but using   inetconv tool that can be easily mitigated.

What sort of issues are you seeing ?

Rahul Bhargava,
CTO, WANdisco

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