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Re: updating Entries files only

From: Steve Sapovits
Subject: Re: updating Entries files only
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 17:50:08 -0400
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Jim.Hyslop wrote:

I'm not entirely clear on what exactly you're trying to achieve. Could you
rephrase what you're trying to do, but leave out any references to the
CVS/Entries file?

I'm not sure.  Maybe someone can help explain to me how I ended up
where I am and we can go from there.

We had a large existing code base that was not under CVS.  That tree
is 2 or more directory levels deep.  We didn't have the luxury of
stopping work on that code, so I wrote a script that would take
pieces of it and put it into CVS.  That way, I could go down to 2nd
and 3rd levels not being used at a given time and get those under
CVS while work down other paths was taking place.

That script does the following:

-  cd to the directory
-  get the directory name relative to the code root, call it rel_dir
-  run 'cvs -n import rel_dir <args>' to get a list of import files
-  back up the files being imported
-  add CVS Id tags to those files
-  run 'cvs import rel_dir <args>' to do the actual import
-  cd to a temporary directory
-  run 'cvs checkout rel_dir'
-  Copy checked out files over top of the originals (only those
   just imported though, to allow for partial imports)

Somewhere along the way, my top level CVS/Entries ended up with only
two of the subdirectories I had imported in it.  So, now when I run
something like 'cvs -n update' to see what might have changed in the
pieces now in CVS, it's only looking down two paths, instead of all
the ones I imported.  In the meantime, development and check-ins have
proceeded on the tree, sometimes from other places.  I'm not sure how
I ended up with only a partial view of what's in CVS, but I suspect it
has something to do with me copying over top of the existing base.

Without an accurate top level CVS/Entries, I can't easily see what's
changed in the existing CVS code.  'cvs update -d' gets me that but
also updates the same files I want to check first.

Steve Sapovits    address@hidden

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