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RE: OT - Spaces in file and directory names (was: Alias syntax fo r a m

From: Bulgrien, Kevin
Subject: RE: OT - Spaces in file and directory names (was: Alias syntax fo r a m odule that has a space in its name)
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 10:12:39 -0500

It is easy to tell everyone else what they ought to do in hind-sight.

Perhaps the proponents of spaces in file names are primarily users of
GUI tools where a heavy front-end takes care of all the details for
you?  I do not think I should presume to tell everyone who wrote all
of the legacy shell tools that their work is all archaic and obsolete
just because I want spaces in my file names.  When it comes down to
it, almost all of life issues are constrained by practicality and

Is there a theoretical reason to include spaces?  Sure.  Does it make
sense to rewrite the world of established tools to handle spaces in
file names?  Not really.  Is it really worth losing sleep over?  If I
really thought so, maybe I would go on a permanent sabbatical and make
it my life's work, and would end up contributing almost nothing of
real import to society.  I do not really anticipate anyone in the "for
spaces in file names" camp being willing to put feet to their religion,
but, maybe I am just a skeptic?  Hey, I space-filename-harden my stuff,
but that does not stop me from feeling that life would be a lot easier
without spaces in file names.  A thread like this will not change that

Why are most fire engines red when it has been shown that that other
nasty yellowish/green color is actually more visible?  ... Because of
a strong historical precedent that wreaks havoc with theoretically
better implementations.

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