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'cvs status' returns error if I delete a directory in my local working c

From: Todd Foster
Subject: 'cvs status' returns error if I delete a directory in my local working copy
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 02:38:08 +0000

We have a top-level script that does several cvs checkouts from multiple repositories to create a local working copy for the end-user (basically brings in source code from several projects in order to compile correctly). For discussion purposes, let's say the result of two 'cvs checkout' commands
is the following directory structure.

 |- Dir1            : Dir1 comes from Repository1
`- tools : tools/ comes from Repository1 (with no files within tools/)
     |- Dir2        : Dir2 comes from Repository1
     `- Dir3       : Dir3 comes from Repository2

Note: the 'cvs checkout' for Repository 1 (creating Dir1, tools/ and tools/Dir2) is done first initially creating the local working copy and Repository 2 is always second (creating Dir3).

If for some reason, Dir3 is deleted, then cvs status returns an error message:

cvs status: Examining Dir3
cvs [status aborted]: could not chdir to Dir3: No such file or directory

If I delete the line in CVS/Entries within tools/ for Dir3 (D/Dir3////), the 'cvs status' begins working again.

The oddity, is that if I delete tools/Dir2 (instead of Dir3), then 'cvs status' completes with no errors. For this case, there still exists an entry in the tools/CVS/Entries file for Dir2 (D/Dir3////).

Is this expected behavior? I'm asking because there are some inconsistencies in the 'cvs status' behavior.



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