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Re: Putting a directory into CVS

From: John Beranek
Subject: Re: Putting a directory into CVS
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2005 10:33:20 +0100
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Andrew Black (delete obvious bit) wrote:
> I have a set of files in a directory ( say /home/andrew/tools and 
> everything below there) that I want to put into a CVS library and 
> keep under version contraol.
> My experience of creating a project and then checking out again is that I 
> end up second level directory /home/andrew/tools/tools

$ ls tools
1  2
$ cd tools
$ cvs import tools TRUNK Initial

Done. That will give you the directory "tools" off the root of the
repository, with 2 files in it.


John Beranek                         To generalise is to be an idiot.                                 -- William Blake

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