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Hack to remove empty dir from CVS repository

From: Thomas Phelan
Subject: Hack to remove empty dir from CVS repository
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 11:32:16 -0400

I understand it is not possible to remove a directory from CVS.  The best you can do remove every file in it and prune (-P) the empty dir every time you do a checkout or update of the module that contains the directory.


I want to get around this limitation by manually deleting a directory inside my CVS repository.  I would like to hear a guru tell me which files need to be tweaked under CVSROOT to keep my repository stable after I do this.


I want to delete a directory, DataProvider, that is immediately under my $CVSROOT directory.  It is completely empty and has never contained any files.  There is nothing in it, not even a CVS dir. 



$ ls

CVSROOT/       DataProvider/  Meteor2.1/     Meteor3.2/

$ cd DataProvider

$ ls



I did a grep of the configuration files in CVSROOT for DataProvider to see if there were any references I had to delete and found nothing.



$ grep DataProvider *



So, is it ok for me to just do the following?



$ rmdir DataProvider



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