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hook into cvs AFTER tag?

From: Michael Muller
Subject: hook into cvs AFTER tag?
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 11:54:01 -0600
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I have a "staging" sandbox that I would like to keep up-to-date with the versions of my files tagged as "release candidates" (tag name: "RC").

My original plan was to put a command in the .taginfo file that does a "cvs update" in the staging sandbox (which was checked out with "-r RC"). This plan was foiled by the fact that .taginfo is called BEFORE the tagging occurs.

Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I can perform some action server-side AFTER the tagging occcurs?

I've had two ideas, both of which I don't like:

1) have .taginfo run something in the background that sleeps for some period that is longer than my tag command could ever take and then wakes up and updates the sandbox

2) have a cron job that updates the sandbox periodically

I don't like either of these options because there's a delay and there is no user feedback when it's done.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

Thanks in advance,

  -- Mike

Michael Muller
Senior Application Developer, address@hidden, Inc.
2503 Walnut Street, Suite 301 Boulder, CO 80302
phone: 303-442-1740
fax:   303-442-1750

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