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Re: How to import files into CVS repository?

From: somebody
Subject: Re: How to import files into CVS repository?
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 18:53:47 -0400
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On Sat, 30 Apr 2005 10:31:33 -0400, somebody wrote:

> I've tried numerous permutations of the following command
> to import my java files in ~/java into the repository
> in /usr/local/cvsroot.  I get an error each time.
> Can someone please tell me the syntax to use to simply
> import the files in ~/java to /usr/local/cvsroot, WITHOUT
> using the $CVSROOT environment variable?
> -Thanks
> cvs -b java -d /usr/local/cvsroot import -m "My java junk"

Never mind, got it with this command:

cvs -d /usr/local/cvsroot import -m "Sample Program" project sample start 

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