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Re: Arggg, I thought I had cvs worked out but I didn't

From: twoeyedhuman1111
Subject: Re: Arggg, I thought I had cvs worked out but I didn't
Date: 1 May 2005 09:51:38 -0700
User-agent: G2/0.2

I didn't know installing cvs would be this complicated...
I was actually looking all over the internet for tutorials on how to
install cvs.  I found tutorials that show people as root installing and
using cvs, but I guess those tutorials are wrong.  (See

> 3)  did "cvs init" as root (worked) -- So I guess for here, I should
create an account called "cvs" _without_ administrative privileges.

>       % id
>       ...gid=nn0(name0) groups=nn1(name1),nn2(name2),n­n3(name3)...
I am definitely unfamiliar with that syntax.  I mean, is nn0() a
function that takes a "c/c++" style char *?

>choose one of the groups of which you (and your other users) are a
>as the group for your /cvs repository.

>       % chgrp -R nameN /cvs
>       % find /cvs -type d -print |xargs chmod g+rwxs
I am actually very new to linux as I have been using windows for about
10 years.

>You need to be able to create lock directories in the /cvs repository
>and if it is owned by root and you are not a member of the group for
>directory, this will be a problem.
I have no idea what a lock directory is... and I definitely don't know
how to make groups own a certain directory.  If there's a book for
total linux noobies on how to install cvs, I will definitely buy that
Either that or I'll end up spending a couple months trying to figure
out everything.

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