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RE: Question about binary distribution

From: Arthur Barrett
Subject: RE: Question about binary distribution
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 05:41:23 +1000


>>>hello, i downloaded from but 
>>>i canĀ“t find information about wich windows versions are supported. 
>>>Is Windows 2003 server suitable for cvs server ?
>>You may also need cygwin and other tools to run this version of CVS on 
>>Windows Server 2003.
>The Windows CVS client binary distributed by the CVS Project is 
>compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 and does NOT require 
>"Cygwin" or any other software.  The compiled EXE is statically 
>linked, requires no DLL libraries and runs alone as is.

Yes you are right - my mistake.

I was thinking of the SSH support.  Am I right in assuming that cvshome cvs 
requires cygwin for ssh support on windows?  I also think I saw a post recently 
somewhere saying that cygwin ssh is not windows 2003 compatible...



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