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From: Michael Starkie
Subject: rcsinfo
Date: 3 May 2005 13:38:12 -0700
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I have checked in the rcsinfo file below to CVSROOT but i don't see the
contents of the included template show in the editor when I do a
commit. The template contains one line, a bug id.


----- rcsinfo ------

cvs version: 1.11.18 on redhat

# The "rcsinfo" file is used to control templates with which the editor
# is invoked on commit and import.
# The first entry on a line is a regular expression which is tested
# against the directory that the change is being made to, relative to
# $CVSROOT.  For the first match that is found, then the remainder of
# line is the name of the file that contains the template.
# If the repository name does not match any of the regular expressions
in thi
# file, the "DEFAULT" line is used, if it is specified.
# If the name "ALL" appears as a regular expression it is always used
# in addition to the first matching regex or "DEFAULT".
ALL /tmp/bugz.template

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