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Re: Renaming a branch

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Renaming a branch
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 18:47:41 -0400
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David Leskovac wrote:
Sorry for the basic question but I need to implement a new branch
naming scheme & want to make sure I am doing this correctly.

To start this process, I need to rename several existing branches.

Would this work for each branch to be renamed?:
cvs rtag -b -r <original_branch_name> <new_branch_name> <module>
cvs rtag -d <original_branch_name>

I am aware of the -B argument to rtag. But, the version of cvs that
we use is so old (1.11.1p1) that it pre-dates that argument.

That will probably get you where you want to be, although it doesn't really do what your stated goal is (to rename the branch). It will create a new branch and delete the old branch. The effect will be the same, but be aware that you will be branching off a branch. Suppose, for example, that the tip revision for a particular file on original_branch_name is

Before branch add and delete:
1.1 --- 1.2 --- ...
          + --- ---

after branch add and delete:

1.1---1.2--- ...
        +--- <--old branch (effectively dead)
                           + --- <-- new branch

'cvs co -r new_branch_name' will retrieve the correct branch.


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