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Re: rcsinfo/loginfo exclude directories

From: Arno Schuring
Subject: Re: rcsinfo/loginfo exclude directories
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005 00:29:57 +0200

You are confusing [^] with ^

^test-mode matches from the beginning of the line.  [^1234] matches
a character other than 1234.

I am not aware of a general purpose "not" for regular expressions.
As a rule, regular expressions try to match something, not "not
match" something.

Isn't it true that rcsinfo only picks the first line that matches? I think I remember something like that, but can't find it explicitly in the manual now.

If so, you could create a filter like:

what_I_want_to filter   /dev/null
Everything_not_filtered   my_rcsinfo_template

In your case:

test-module  /dev/null
DEFAULT  /home/cvs/2.5/CVSROOT/bugz.txt


(and sorry for half top-posting)

-----Original Message-----

how does one specify, in the common syntax, the exclusion of a file?
For example, I want to apply a script called bugz.txt to ALL commits
except modules listed at the bottom of rcsinfo.  i have this regular
expression in rcsinfo that I thought tells cvs to apply
bugz.txt to all
modules that DO NO contain the string 'test-module' but it doesn't

what is the correct syntax for "not"?  I thought the '^' character was
proper regexese.

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