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branches and merging

From: Venkatesh, Vijay
Subject: branches and merging
Date: Mon, 09 May 2005 19:43:53 -0400

I guess this is a fairly often asked question but just wanted to run this by
everyone to get some
feedback first. (am referring to the essential cvs guidebook)

Have two branches app4 and app4_test, which I need to merge (and have done
so already into the
app4 branch, so merged from app4_test into app4)
question1 :
should i now tag app4 to signify the point at which the merge was made?
if i do tag app4 at this point, should other users checkout another version
of the branch(at the tag point)
or just up -r to that tag?
if i do tag and users to get to that tag version, how do they make
subsequent changes i.e. continue work 
on the app4 branch beyond that tag? Do i need to make another branch at this
point, or ? This is where
I got really confused in the documentation.

Pls help.,

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