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Re: What exactly is HEAD anyway?

From: Andrew DeFaria
Subject: Re: What exactly is HEAD anyway?
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 16:25:45 GMT
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The more I look into CVS the less I understand. Perhaps you can help me...

When using -r HEAD I do not seem to get the latest revision on the trunk:

   $ cvs log foo.c

   RCS file: /cvs/path/foo.c,v
   Working file: foo.c
   head: 1.2
   locks: strict
   access list:
   symbolic names:
          DEV_3p0p0_20050425: 1.2
   $ cvs status foo.c
   File: foo.c          Status: Up-to-date

     Working revision:
     Repository revision: /cvs/path/foo.c,v
     Sticky Tag:          REL_2p0p0_FCS (revision:
     Sticky Date:         (none)
     Sticky Options:      -ko

In particular here notice that head says 1.2 but the current working revision is Doing:

   $ cvs diff --brief -r HEAD foo.c

Does this mean that there is no difference between and 1.2?!? However if I do:

   $ cvs diff --brief -r 1.2 foo.c
   Index: getmem.c
   RCS file: /cvs/path/foo.c,v
   retrieving revision 1.2
   retrieving revision
   diff --brief -r1.2 -r1.1.1.1
   Files /tmp/cvsvGa4M1 and /tmp/cvswGa4M1 differ

Why is this so? Doesn't -r HEAD mean 1.2 in this instance?

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