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Commitinfo - finding files on the server

From: Jason . Gibbons
Subject: Commitinfo - finding files on the server
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 11:43:46 +0100

According to information I've read on the web, when a commit is made on a
local machine to a remote server, exact copies (i.e. non-RCS format) of the
files being committed are created temporarily on the server so that they
are available for commitinfo scripts to act on them.  I need to write a
commitinfo script that will parse committed files to make sure they have
appropriate copyright statements. To run that script on the server, I'll
need to get access to those non-RCS format files.  However, I'm having
trouble locating where those files are on the server, and I'm beginning to
doubt the veracity of the information I found.  I've even run a commitinfo
script which runs an slocate command on each filename in the commit, but
the only results seem to be the RCS format files - no non-RCS format files
seem to exist.  I've been assuming that the name of the non-RCS format file
copy on the server is equivalent to the file name extractable from the
parameters that commitinfo passes to the script, so that (for example) if I
commit file module\topdir\subdir\foo.txt, my commitinfo script should be
able to find a file called foo.txt somewhere on the server - but this
doesn't seem to be the case - all that slocate locates is the associated
RCS format file (module\topdir\subdir\foo.txt,v).

Does anyone know if these non-RCS format files do actually exist (albeit
temporarily) on the server and if so where?  If not, does anyone have any
advice on writing a commitinfo script which (i) will run on the server side
and (ii) will parse the entire contents of the file being committed?

Thanks in advance

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