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Re: CVS migration question

From: dzielke
Subject: Re: CVS migration question
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 15:25:38 -0400

You must be Dusty on CM Crossroads then? ;-)

I've been thinking about this since reading it on CM Crossroads this morning.  I don't think it would be too terribly complicated.  On the server side, I think it's just a matter of packing up the entire repository and ftp'ing it to the new server (or just copying it if you have a samba share).  My only concern is whether or not you'd have to worry about the "^M" end-of-line problem between windows and Unix.  I haven't had time to go play with that yet to see if it would be an issue.  If it's not, you'd just have to make the appropriate changes to the configuration files once it's on the new server.

On the user's client side, all users would have to do a cvs release on their local sandboxes, and then change their CVSROOT variables to reference the name of the new server.

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"Raghunath, Santhosh" <address@hidden>
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05/12/2005 10:28 AM

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        Subject:        CVS migration question

I would like to know the procedure/steps to follow to do a migration of a project under the CVS repository on a Windows XP box to a CVS repository under Linux.  The CVS versions are same on both the boxes.  I would like to retain all the version history and log information during the migration.
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