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Re: Restoring deleted revisions (was: Branch Numbers)

From: Jim Hyslop
Subject: Re: Restoring deleted revisions (was: Branch Numbers)
Date: Mon, 16 May 2005 22:11:10 -0400
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Hridyesh Pant wrote:
Hi ,
i am facing a problem with CVS.Some R&D guys delete the TAG and revision on 
file.I want to restrict that things. Can i block this thing so that only some 
cvsuser can Tag the code base.

Your best bet is education. Educate these R&D guys that deleting tags and revisions is not necessary. You need to make sure they understand that deleting tags and revisions is a non-recoverable action. Non-recoverable actions should only be performed when absolutely necessary, i.e. extremely rarely.

CVS only stores the head revision in its entirety; all other versions are simply stored as deltas. Thus there is very little impact on performance, and on storage space. In the vast majority of cases, tags also have no noticeable impact on performance, either in terms of processing time or disk space.

If your server is on UNIX, only members of the system group cvsadmin can use the 'cvs admin' command. Make sure the R&D guys who like to kill old revisions are *not* members of that group.

You can prevent tags from being deleted by installing a taginfo script - see for details.

If the above techniques fail, you may need to resort to less subtle means (such as a club or other blunt instrument applied to the side of their head :=)


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