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CVS history question

From: Sarah Gonzales
Subject: CVS history question
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 16:23:36 -0500

Hello all,
I am trying to set up some useful reporting for use with our CVS resources and have been asked to report on

* modules that have checked out (not committed) by a specific hostname

In other words, particularly for our anonymous, read only checkouts, we'd like to be able to say... that module X was checked out by the *.com domain 100 times in the past week (or whatever) and display some statistics to that effect.

CVS log doesn't log checkouts, but CVS history does and I did find a nice web interface to allow novice users to generate their own histories.

However, I don't believe that CVS history logs IP# or hostname. While this info appears in my *system log*, I would not be able to tie the system log which does record IPs, etc... to the modules being checked out in CVS (at least from all my reading).

does anyone have any suggestions? any help is appreciated.

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