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Re: How to manage administrative file (quite long...)

From: manuel 'fmf' ferrero
Subject: Re: How to manage administrative file (quite long...)
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 16:42:43 +0200
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Todd Denniston, on 20/05/2005 16.15:

> If debian has an update for the cvs binary, it would probably be a good idea
> to update it, many security holes have been fixed since 1.11.1p1 (I suppose
> debian may have patched them in to that version, it just scares me to see
> such an old version being reported).

I use debian woody weekly updated .
I've checked on debian home page and for sarge and experimental the cvs
version is 1:1.12.9-13.
But i don't care about security holes: my cvs is in my intranet, not
reachable from the net.
I'll check for changelog to see if it worth the upgrading due to some
new feature, thanks.

>>It differs in some comment line and the local copy doesn't have the
>>module i've added by hand in the past.
> Because you never checked it in, and what you got when you did the checkout
> was the version from the RCS file. Copy those lines from the difference you
> want into the checked out copy and do a commit.

It works (obviously :)

[SNIP on file names with spaces in it]

> Granted I have a personal bias against spaces IN FILE NAMES (no problem with

Mine is worst than yours: users who use this kind of names for prjoects
will not be able to browse their project.
I'm root, the force is with me, Luke.

>>Someone can give me some hints on how to well manage that files?
>>Thanks in advance.
> always edit the administrative files in a checked out directory, not
> directly in the repository.

I know (now).
I'll dig into documentation for some new idea to destroy sources.
manuel 'fmf' ferrero |
"I've used this particular tagline 3 times."

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