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Re: How to "undo" a commit?

From: S I
Subject: Re: How to "undo" a commit?
Date: Sun, 22 May 2005 09:19:48 -0700

I had a similar problem and was about to post. It's like somebody magically read my mind. Thanks Christian for posting and many thanks Pierre for the solution. :)


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Subject: Re: How to "undo" a commit?
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Christian Hujer <address@hidden> wrote:

> What is the best way to make the HEAD revision of the files being the previous > revision? I've read the faq, they say if the last version is 1.31, "checkout
> 1.30 and recheckin as 1.32". But I cannot imagine how to do this.

    cvs update -j 1.31 -j 1.30 the_file
    cvs update -p -r1.30 the_file > the_file

> When I try "cvs update -r 1.30 file" and then "cvs commit file" it of course
> does not work.

Because it has a sticky revision.  To recover from that,
    cp the_file tempfile
    cvs update -A the_file
    mv tempfile the_file

Any one of these three methods will give you a file with the content of
revision 1.30, ready to be committed as revision 1.32 .

pa at panix dot com
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