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project repository totally missing

From: Yu He
Subject: project repository totally missing
Date: Tue, 24 May 2005 12:31:01 +0800

We have use cvs for more than one year,the cvs server version is: V1.11.6 (for unix)
The Unix path of it is: /usr/local/cvsroot
We have project A,B,C under /usr/local/cvsroot which have the different group permission.
There is two incidents that the total project A's repository missed.
We have checked the system log, no one has access the cvs server through SSH services.
Additionally, the permission of /usr/local/cvsroot is root:root, so no one except ROOT id can delete folder A, but it is truly missing.
If it is not a contrived attack, is there some other reason to cause this?
Is it a bug of this version of cvs or a security leak?
Many thanks in advance!
Winnie He
EMAIL: address@hidden

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